September 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Well – August was a bit of a wild ride, wasn’t it? So many shifts and changes in the personal and the collective! Scattered thinking, fuzzy-headedness, lethargy, grumpiness, all featured. I trust that you managed to surf the waves without too much ‘collateral damage’, as they say! Grounding is really important at… Continue reading September 2021 Updates

August 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? I trust that you managed to survive the weird, wild and wonky energy that was July! Whew! What a ride, hey? Some of the things I (and many others) experienced were: headaches, dizziness, lethargy, anxiousness, extra thirst, brain fog, ear ringing/ downloads, inspiration, and whacky dreams! I noticed it… Continue reading August 2021 Updates

My New YouTube video is up! :)

My New YouTube video is up! 🙂 I’ve done it! My first-ever live reading to camera is now uploaded to YouTube! Woo hoo! 🙂 I did a new thing! Yaay! 🙂 It’s interesting exactly how much ‘behind the scenes’ work has gone into this process, so I’m really excited to be able to share the… Continue reading My New YouTube video is up! 🙂

July 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! 🙂 How are you? Well, June was a bit of a wild ride! Solstice, another big eclipse, more clearing out and endings of the old energy/ anything that doesn’t serve you well. The fall of another dodgy big business boss (this time, Sony music), the exposure of more low-consciousness energy (this time,… Continue reading July 2021 Updates

April 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys!   Well, what an interesting ride these past few weeks have been! (I feel like I say that every month – I guess this is the ‘new normal’!) 😉 For most of March, I’d been writing the wrong month and getting the days wrong. Time seemed to be more slippery than normal (and… Continue reading April 2021 Updates

March 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? I trust that you survived/ thrived in the wonky February energy. Wasn’t that a wild ride? So many days of feeling tired and unmotivated. So many whacky dreams. A bit of dizziness. And some full-on frequency upgrades that left people feeling a bit shaky and ungrounded (but then high… Continue reading March 2021 Updates

January 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Welcome to 2021! Whew – we made it through the grand ‘slow down’/ recalibration that has been 2020. I thought that I’d be opening this newsletter with some of the positive outcomes and future good-vibes of the 2020/2021 years, but instead I’ve woken to news of riots in Washington and right-wing Trump… Continue reading January 2021 Updates

September 2020 Updates

Hello! Well, the ‘new normal’ of 2020 continues to entrench itself into our ways of being, doesn’t it? Some cities are still in ‘hard lockdown’, some are freer of the restraints of daily mask-wearing and hand-sanitising, and some are struggling under the weight of too many CV-19 cases and not enough support. I trust that… Continue reading September 2020 Updates

August 2020 Updates

Hello fellow travellers! How has August been treating you? Oh my, what a ride! 😮 As well as personal transformations, the global transformations just keep showing up, don’t they? So much is being shifted and cleared to make way for the new. (And while we know/ can ask for the new to be awesome, sometimes… Continue reading August 2020 Updates

June 2020 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Well – what another unexpected month it’s been! Who would’ve thought that the Australian bushfires and Covid-19 wouldn’t’ve topped the news stories this year? With the tragic death of George Floyd, we’ve seen a rise in support for calling for equality all over the planet. And while the violence has been saddening, I… Continue reading June 2020 Updates

May 2020 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Well, what a whacky ride this year continues to be! Who would’ve thought that the terrible summer of bushfires in Australia wasn’t going to be the top news story of 2020? 😦 The energy of this month has been very up-and-down for a lot of people. Some days are sluggish and heavy… Continue reading May 2020 Updates

April 2020 Updates

Well hello space monkeys! I trust that you are safe and well, in whichever corner of the world you’re in right now. What an interesting ride this year continues to be. So many changes and so many slow-downs. I’m certainly feeling less pressure to ‘do’, which has been nice, I must say. Staying home on a… Continue reading April 2020 Updates

March 2020 Updates

Well, what a difference a few weeks makes, hey? Looks like we’re well and truly in the middle of the ‘One Step Back’ phase of this dance of 2020. I trust that you’re all staying healthy and happy. A few people have been asking me for my ‘take’ on the whole virus thing, so here are… Continue reading March 2020 Updates

February 2020 Updates

Hello space monkeys! I promise this letter will be shorter than the last one! Hehehe… 😉 Well – what a start to the decade it’s been! Half of Australia was on fire, with millions of hectares burnt, billions of animals, 2000 homes, and 33 human lives lost. It was terrible. It was also quite tricky to stay… Continue reading February 2020 Updates