February 2023 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? Can you feel the shift in the air already? Have you found that you have more zest for life and more motivation to complete projects and embark on new ones? Me too! Isn’t it a nice breath of fresh air after the heavy sluggishness of the past few months?… Continue reading February 2023 Updates

December 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you travelling? Are you happily doing ‘two steps forward’?  Or are you in the ‘one step back’ phase of the tap dance? I must say, I’m a little of both this week! A few days ago I was bright as a button, and the past day I’ve ben flat as… Continue reading December 2022 Updates

November 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you going? What a whacky month it’s been since I last spoke to you! Wonky sleep, whacky dreams, dizziness, and brain fogginess have all been markers of this latest energy upgrade/ shift! What a ride, hey? Like I say in my November Energy Reading video, someone reminded me that we’re… Continue reading November 2022 Updates

Ghost, ghosted, ghosting.

When, exactly, did ghosts get such a bad name in Western popular culture? I grew up in the days of ‘Casper The Friendly Ghost’ and ‘The Ghost and Mrs. Muir’ on television. Both of these shows – one a cartoon and the other a quaint series – had ghosts as kind, helpful, main characters. I… Continue reading Ghost, ghosted, ghosting.

October 2022 Updates

Closing Doors and Planting Seeds. Hello space monkeys! How are you? I hope that you have survived – and possibly even thrived – the whacky energy throughout September! There seems to be soooooo much coming to the surface to be healed/ cleared away. I can only assume that it’s to make way for bigger and… Continue reading October 2022 Updates

March 2023 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you going through all the mighty, magnificent, mellifluous, manky shifts and changes that’re going on right now? Hopefully you’re managing to ‘stay on your eagle’s perch’, as they say. I trust that you remember that you have a ‘surfboard’ and some ‘wax’, to navigate these waves of change. Remember to… Continue reading March 2023 Updates

January 2023 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? Happy New Year! I know that a lot of people are sighing a big sigh of relief that 2022 is over, and a part of me agrees with that sentiment (especially the I-was-in-a-bad-car-accident part!). The challenge of not being able to walk/ walk properly for literally half of last… Continue reading January 2023 Updates

A Brief Mid-month Message for you!

Hello again! I thought I’d send you a quick message to let you know about the NEW Mid-month Messages video out now on YouTube. The channelling feels more and more powerful each month. I’m sure you can feel it too. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Oh- and remember to subscribe,… Continue reading A Brief Mid-month Message for you!

September 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Well, it’s been another long and interesting month, hey? Even though time is speeding up and some days are flying by so quickly, my sense is that there is a lot of collective fear and anger in the air that makes it feel like the floor is made of mud, sometimes. (Of… Continue reading September 2022 Updates

August 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you going? I’m not sure I have much ‘puff’ in me to write a long newsletter this month, but we’ll see how we go. Thanks for all the good vibes/ healing energy sent my way. I really appreciate it. I get the green cast off next week (yaay!), then I… Continue reading August 2022 Updates

July 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! I hope you are well and happy and healthy wherever you are in the world. And that you are enjoying the sunshine in your own way (even if it’s not sunny outside!) Well the end of June had a bit of a shock/ surprise in store for me… on the 22nd I… Continue reading July 2022 Updates

June 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! This year is certainly whizzing by, isn’t it? This newsletter is a little late this month, sorry. There have just been so many things going on – including an endless series of tradies/ workmen here these past couple of weeks! But it’s good to be getting some of the big jobs done.… Continue reading June 2022 Updates

May 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? I trust that you have been managing to surf these waves of energy well. What a ride it’s been lately! That big whammy of the Pluto energy hit me in the middle of April, and I had all sorts of ‘not good enough’ type thoughts come swimming in. Thankfully,… Continue reading May 2022 Updates

April 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? I trust that your daily meditation practices and chakra balances are getting you through these Shifty McShift Shift times! What a ride it is! Taking care of your adrenal system is important right now (think liquorice tea, for example). The middle of March seemed to be a trying time… Continue reading April 2022 Updates

March 2020 Updates

Well, where do we start this month? What a week it’s been – let alone a month! Please keep sending your good vibes to Ukraine (and other troubled spots). My hometown city of Brisbane and a lot of the east coast is currently affected by floods as I write this, and the people there could… Continue reading March 2020 Updates

February 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Welcome to the year of the Water Tiger! Patience, bold action and right timing are all themes of this year. I find it so heartening that so many more of the stars are in our favour from here on in. That the energy of the next few years in particular are very… Continue reading February 2022 Updates

January 2022 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? I trust that you welcomed in 2022 in a peaceful and happy way. I’ve got a good feeling about this year. It feels very different to the previous two (won’t that be nice!), and both the numerology and the astrology support this feeling of ‘good things coming.’ Yaay! The… Continue reading January 2022 Updates

December 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Well, hasn’t November zipped by quickly? It’s hard to believe that December is here already. I trust that you are surfing these waves of new energy well. Please remember to stay grounded on the Earth, connected to people who love you, and of course connected to Source energy through meditation, gratitude, and… Continue reading December 2021 Updates

November 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! How are you? I trust that you’ve managed to surf the wonky waves of October and are feeling the strong vibes of November already. It promises to be an interesting month with massive solar flares already! (So if you’ve been feeling tired, grumpy, thirsty, dizzy, and even more tired lately – this… Continue reading November 2021 Updates

September 2021 Updates

Hello space monkeys! Well – August was a bit of a wild ride, wasn’t it? So many shifts and changes in the personal and the collective! Scattered thinking, fuzzy-headedness, lethargy, grumpiness, all featured. I trust that you managed to surf the waves without too much ‘collateral damage’, as they say! Grounding is really important at… Continue reading September 2021 Updates