April 2020 Updates

Well hello space monkeys! I trust that you are safe and well, in whichever corner of the world you’re in right now.
What an interesting ride this year continues to be. So many changes and so many slow-downs. I’m certainly feeling less pressure to ‘do’, which has been nice, I must say. Staying home on a Saturday night has never felt more normal! Haha! The energy in general (where I am in Brisbane) kind of reminds me of that gentle softness that comes with public holidays: less rushing around, less busy-ness, more space and more peace in the air.
I know that I’m very lucky to be safe and well. And so that means I have a lot of extra good juju to share with the world. Remember that the energy of love is far more powerful than the energy of fear.

But there is a lot of collective grief going on right now, too. If you follow my work, you’ll know that my perspective on death is a bit different (to say the least!) from the mainstream. 😉 From the years of doing mediumship readings (‘talking to dead people’) as well as my own near death experiences, I can guarantee that death is not only ‘not the end’, but it is also profoundly peaceful and loving.

If you’d like to assist those who are grieving, or if you find yourself stuck in grief and would like to release it, I’d highly recommend sending some ‘Compassionate Action’ to them. This is where you gather all the good feelings of love and joy and place them in the field ‘ahead’ of them in time. (I think I mentioned this last email, but it’s worth repeating.)

There is physics behind this – in both the energies of ‘the field’ and in the quantum nature of time. Below are two links to some of the Kryon work where he explains these in detail.

(the 1st one explains Compassionate Action)


(the 4th one discusses torodial time and healing) ❤

Remember to ask Gaia to rise up to meet you, where-ever you are. And remember to add gratitude for her alliance into your daily meditations. She really is getting a chance for a rest, a reset and a renovation right now! It’s amazing how quickly the planet is recovering once us humans stop for a while. Regeneration at its best! : ) I love that this is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day –  5 is the number of change – and there is peace in the middle East for the first time in living memory. What a big change from last year, huh? 😮

Also remember to be grateful to your powerful immune system. Shout out to the white blood cells! ❤

You might be having crazy dreams right now – don’t worry, everyone is! There’s a big clean-up going on in more ways than one. And the pineal gland (the centre of your intuition; in the centre of your brain) is increasing in its power too. I’ve been really thirsty lately as well, and I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one. Drink more water, peeps! 😉 (& remember to instruct the water to be powerful as you drink it/ add Reiki to it if you have it.)

I’ve been reading a lot, painting a little and gardening a lot lately, which has been lovely. Even though there was carnage in the veggie patch last week (something ate just about everything!), the tomatoes, etc are recovering nicely (under the new netting). A lesson in regeneration right in my back yard!

(This photo is BC = Before Carnage!)

I had also been putting a lot of pressure on myself to move online, learn new skills, and keep up with the quarantine Jones’s. But all that resulted in was a feeling of guilt, a return of an old injury, and a bout of insomnia. Once I took that (self-imposed) pressure off, the pain disappeared overnight and my sleep returned. I guess my lesson here was about real rest and recovery; recognising the work that I am doing and slowing down along with everyone else. (Cats are masterful teachers at this! I literally took this photo moments ago. Astra in the strawberry patch.) ❤

Please remember that you are powerful. And that the thoughts that you think, and the love that you spread have amazing and immediate reactions. We will get through this. In a way, we are all in this together – although some are deffo having a rougher ride than others. But we can share the abundance of time or love, or laughter, or toilet paper, or good energy, if we are lucky enough to have them. (& light is multidimensional, so it’s instant!) Also remember to receive all the good juju coming your way from all the good people all over the world who are sending it out. You deserve it. ❤

In the new Kryon channels (from mid-April), I learned that there is another purpose to the slow-down. It’s to do with the old souls/ lightworkers being able to be even more still, and to receive more information through the (thinner) veil than ever before (the veil = a metaphor for consciousness). And that there are layers of actionable information coming in underneath the new colours, or patterns, or light languages that some of you may be receiving. Interesting! Ask what the instructions are, and work with them; and then they become teachable. (I’m working with this currently – I’ll let you know how I go…)


Oh – and if you want, you can try this practice of self-care… hug yourself! Really, do it! Remember that your brain doesn’t know the difference between whether it’s you or another person doing the hugging. So hug yourself with the same energy as you would a loved one, and stay connected, even in isolation. 😉 An old flatmate told me once that her martial arts teacher would get them to kiss their biceps after making them work hard, so you might want to add that to your self-care practice too! 😉


I’m excited for the new changes to come because of this global slow down. The way we do politics and business and economics has to change; so many are seeing the ways the systems were broken before. I hold space for the changes to come in easily and gracefully. I love that there’s a system of economics that encompasses the planet – and uses doughnuts as the metaphor. I love that more light is being shone on the dark places so they can be cleaned up. I love that the Kindness Pandemic continues. I love the innovation that is arising out of these strange days. I love that laughter improves the immune system.

Doughnut economics link: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/08/amsterdam-doughnut-model-mend-post-coronavirus-economy?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR2cMARA5C1RVsLdvsElGH_u-uEEq1UsRIm-HDcubgGaAqm4g_b9-SbgpOw

Oh – and here is another Amanda Ellis video. This one is all about the energy of Australia and New Zealand. It’s really interesting – and gives me a lot of hope for a change in leadership! I love the way Amanda works – she’s unapologetically herself.

My old phone number is still AWOL, but this new number is good for now: 0481-996-585. (And apologies if you texted or phoned the old number anytime during April. I couldn’t receive anything.)

And lastly, some lemony-yellow hugs from me to you! 😉

Stay safe lovely humans!
  Much love,
Heather xoxo
: )

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March 2020 Updates

Well, what a difference a few weeks makes, hey? Looks like we’re well and truly in the middle of the ‘One Step Back’ phase of this dance of 2020. I trust that you’re all staying healthy and happy.
A few people have been asking me for my ‘take’ on the whole virus thing, so here are a few tips to get you through…


Apart from staying home & washing your hands, the very best thing that you can do is to disconnect from the collective consciousness and stay out of fear. It’s well-known that fear depresses the immune system, so try this breathing technique from Dr Joe Dispenza if you find that you’ve been affected. It’s a good one! (He recommends doing it for about 25-30mins, but I do it whenever I feel like it throughout the day.)

Be grateful that you can stay safely at home. That you have enough space. That you have clean water and sunshine. And enough food. And technology to keep you connected. It goes without saying that there are many people who don’t have these luxuries. Send them good vibes – and groceries if you can!

Understand that this flu virus is a part of a global shift: out of an old paradigm of thinking/ being, and into a new one. It’s giving the Earth a chance to re-set itself, with the slowdown of people, traffic and pollution. The air is already cleaner in many industrial cities. The oceans will be able to refresh more easily while all the trade & fishing boats are in the harbours. People are turning to more self-sustaining ways – with seedlings and laying hens being in high demand. If one of the good things that comes of this global unity, is that people garden more, I’ll be a happy camper!


“The planet itself is going through an inter-dimensional shift… This is the Universe pushing the reset button and beginning the new paradigm for the future.” Adironnda.

Underneath all the fear that’s in the air, I really do feel good things coming. People are starting to wake up more and more to the inequality and corruption in the world – and are demanding that a better world take its place. We (in the metaphysical community) have known for a long time that something big was coming that would shake up ‘situation normal’ – but none of us expected it to look quite like this! And while it’s really devastating for lots of families, I’m also seeing a LOT of good things coming out of this flu including great initiatives for online work, increased community connections, and lovely supportive people helping others out, all over the world. We really are all in this together.

One of the best things I’ve seen is this FaceBook group called ‘The Kindness Pandemic.’ It’s full of posts of everyday people doing kind things for others, and people who’ve been on the receiving end of kindnesses. It makes me smile, and cry a bit at the beauty of humanity.


‘Metamorphosis’ painting by Alex Grey, 2005.

The next best thing you can do to help, is to send Compassionate Action to the situation/ planet right now. This is a powerful new tool, using your consciousness. (& remember that consciousness has now been recognised by mainstream physics as energy. It’s measurable – most famously by the Global Consciousness Project: an ongoing study arising from Princeton University.) Compassionate Action is where you gather all the good feelings of love and joy inside yourself and then send that feeling/ energy to a situation. Imagine it whole and healed and happy. In this instance, you might like to imagine all the plazas and parks, etc full of smiling people, for example. Feel the emotion of it and project it forward. ❤
Add to this another powerful tool, where you say (& feel): “I see benevolence there.” (- about whichever situation you choose: the heads of government, the hospitals, the grieving people, the Earth, etc.) And bingo – you’ve changed the planet without leaving the couch! Go you! 😀
And, if you’re a meditator, add bright pink light to your energy work. Silver light is also a new upgrade and another powerful tool you can use for healing. Wrap the planet in a bubble of pink light if you want! Also, there are groups of wonderful people sending good vibes to the Earth at 11:11 and 20:20. Tune in, contribute, and see if you can feel the waves of love echoing around Gaia. You might also like to imagine holding the world between your hands and sending it love. ❤

And lastly, remember to talk to your cellular structure. We can change our DNA with our consciousness. Give your cells direct instructions with clear intent. You might like to add mantras like: ‘My immune system is powerful.’ Or ‘My DNA operates at at least 44%.’ (Viruses and other illnesses can’t survive at this level). This is powerful and effective. Stay healthy, space monkeys!

Oh – and remember also that humour increases your immune system! 😀

Before Australia got serious about the flu and shut the borders, etc, I was lucky enough to be able to get back to Byron and had a week full of ‘firsts’! I did two Platform sessions and ran the Psychic Development I workshop. They all went swimmingly, and I was so proud of the people who attended for doing so well! Once the world has recalibrated, I’m going to be doing more Platform sessions, and I’ll also be running the whole series of Psy Dev workshops. Yaay! I also started recording the first of a series of meditations (which will be up for sale on my website sometime). It was a really fun, daunting, exciting and scary process! Big thanks to Jess from @jessie-rosemusic for holding my hand and making the process fun and easy – and for threatening to do a blooper reel! Oh gawd! Hahaha! 😀 

Here are two links to some updates on the corona virus from some pretty knowledgeable people. Have a listen if you’re keen to get a higher perspective on the whole shebang. (They both say that it was unintentionally released from a lab.)
Kryon Iceland channels: 

Adironnda – corona Q&A: 

* Julian of Norwich, also known as Mother Julian, was an English anchorite of the Middle Ages. She wrote the earliest surviving book in the English language to be written by a woman, ‘Revelations of Divine Love’.

For some, the thought of staying home & slowing down for a while is a bit daunting, and it might seem like it’s going to last forever – but the time will go remarkably quickly. Use it well. Be still. Be present. Be relaxed in the unknown; the voidal space where great potentials exist. Script a new future.

Stay happy and healthy and look after one another!

Much love,

Heather xox

P.S. I can do everything distantly, apart from Reiki attunements…

February 2020 Updates

Hello space monkeys!
I promise this letter will be shorter than the last one! Hehehe… 😉
Well – what a start to the decade it’s been! Half of Australia was on fire, with millions of hectares burnt, billions of animals, 2000 homes, and 33 human lives lost. It was terrible. It was also quite tricky to stay out of fear around it all, and call in the rain and see benevolence in the government while it was happening. But there were many beautiful stories of people helping where they could. Including a wonderful global community of crafters (making pouches, etc. for injured wildlife), donations, and songs and prayers for rain. It worked! The fires are all out and the bush is regenerating. (We just need to keep holding space for a compassionate government to step up and lead our amazing country out of its current quagmire!) Thank you to everyone who contributed in whatever way they could. I know we really did feel embraced by the rest of the world. ❤

There’s been some really interesting astro around for the first part of the year/ decade as well. I found this Amanda Ellis video really helpful. Maybe you will, too? (Don’t worry about the title; it’s really about the divine feminine and the divine masculine. She also has recent videos on the Corona virus, and Julian Assange if you want to check her out. She’s really good and has high integrity.)

Hmm… for some reason Mail Chimp won’t let me send you the video link directly – so here’s a photo of Amanda from her website and the URL to the video. (There’s always a way around glitches! haha!) 😀

There’s some breaking news from Kryon as well. In the Dallas channels, he talks about how we have multiple-life Akashes! (Where what we start in one lifetime is planned to carry over into the next, and the next…) It’s pretty interesting stuff, for those of you who understand the profundity of this information. And if not, it’s all good; you can relax and go with the flow and know that all things are happening in right timing – even if it feels like things are going waaaaay to slowly for your liking! 😀

Kryon – Dallas channels audio link: 

I’ve also updated the ‘Useful Resources’ page on my website, so all the Kryon channels are now grouped together in main themes. This may help you navigate the info if you have a particular interest, e.g. the planet, the science of metaphysics, the Akash, the shift, the climate cycles, etc. etc. Go get ‘em! 🙂
Oh – apparently some people haven’t been receiving my mail outs (even though Mail Chimp tells me that you all have!) Weird! Maybe it’s the ‘one step back’ of the year/ Mercury retrograde? 😉

In a couple of weeks I’m going to be back in Byron Bay doing some work. I’m going to start the first of the audio recording stuff (Eeep! Hehe!). I’ll also be doing two ‘Platform’ sessions (‘coz I love it so much!) and a workshop: ‘Psychic Development in the New Energy’. People have been asking me to teach psy dev for years and it finally feels like it’s time. So here we go…! Weee…! Hehehe… 😉 Come along if you can, or feel free to share the event information to anyone you think might be interested. (See the event pages on my FaceBook page, or on my website.)

With the changing psychics on the planet and the shift in balance regarding the importance of the pineal, it really is a great time to get more in touch with your own, in-built GPS system. Everyone was born with the ability to tap into their innate. So jump on board, fine-tune your frequency, and get into the flow.
I hope to see you at an event soon!
Heather xx


December 2019 Updates

Two Steps Forward…

Hello space monkeys!
It feels like it’s been a long time between drinks, so to speak. What a wild year it’s been! So many ups and downs, shifts and changes as we’re all being called to step up into more of who we are, with integrity, grace and hopefully some humour! 😉
It’s taken me so long to write, that I thought I’d give you an overview of the news from the year…
The main advice I keep hearing about this year/ this shift into the new paradigm is ‘two steps forward, one step back’. I’ve certainly felt this! As some of you know, I was doing readings out of a groovy little shop in West End in Brisbane for half the year – until suddenly I wasn’t! It turns out there was a bit of wage theft going on, and when I mentioned it, they ‘let me go’. Hmm… talk about low integrity! 😦 I’d also started studying a Permaculture Design Certificate (at a famed Brisbane organic city farm) and had to quit after a month. They weren’t walking their talk either!
The beautiful field of energy that’s all around us is full of high integrity and anything that’s not vibrating to that level will fall away – either in business or in your personal life. You may have noticed this playing out in your world, too.

The other advice I’ve been hearing a lot this year is to stay out of fear during the ‘one step back’ times. And trust that all will be well in the end.
Definitely stay out of fear with all the Earth changes/ ‘bad news’/ political ‘wild cards’ that we’re seeing. It’s just the ‘dust’ in the corner of the room that we’re seeing, now that the light has been turned on. Celebrate the uncovering of things that have hidden in the dark for years. See it for what it is. That the light is getting brighter. Love has won. (And there’s so many new shiny ‘vacuum cleaners’ in that dusty room that we can see now as well! 😉 New tools and enhancements to help us on our way…) Wee hee…!

Understand that with each moment in your own life, where you choose to respond with more integrity, more compassion, more love, joy and heart, you create a ‘ripple effect’ in the very physics around you. You change the fabric of consciousness. And that higher vibration changes the field around you, which changes everything! If you are an aware Old Soul, staying out of fear is very important. If you’re not part of the solution (of seeing compassion already there in the dark places), then you’re part of the problem. Don’t add your powerful thoughts to the fear, please. Remember that the very physics of the magnetic field around you is higher. And it’s on your side. Know that the wind is at your back. The sun really is out. And it’s a very good time to plant some more seeds!

‘Stay in your own lane’ is another theme that’s been prevalent this year. Aim to keep your projections to yourself, and to stay out of the line of fire of other’s. I’d done a bit of projecting this year too. At one point, I found myself comparing my business to another’s (which seemed to be far more ‘productive’ than mine) – until I realised that this lovely woman had a team of ten staff behind her! Whoops! 😀
There was a big energetic ‘schlump’ in Sept/ October which you probably noticed. I felt like I was under a bus for most of it! :/ It felt like a big ‘petal’ fell off the onion rings of self and more light came flooding in. This caused some to despair or fear. Sometimes that light is so damn bright we need sunglasses! 😉 😀

Riding the waves of the new energy can be a little tricky at times, so it’s good to remember that we may also be being influenced by the greater shifts that are happening around us. It’s a great idea to reach out for support during times like this, if you can. Even if it’s a short text to a good friend. Checking in with others who understand this whacky world of ours often reminds us that ‘it’s not just me’ going through something. Stop and breathe and feel the love from the Other Side around you.
Christmas is a good one to observe this with: if suddenly you feel rushed or broke, stop for a moment and check in with yourself. Is it you that’s feeling that? You might realise that you’re not actually ‘too busy’, and that you actually do have all the resources you need. You may simply be picking up on the energy in the field around you. Vibrating to that particular wavelength. You can change it instantly. Stop and breathe and come back to your centre. Know that you are always in the right place at the right time. And your needs are always met. Breathe into the feeling of that. ❤

For the last six months, I’ve also been working with a graphic designer in Mexico on re-jigging my logo/ promo material. It’s looking good, I think! A few more little tweaks and we’ll be done. Yay!

The content-building/ revising of the book (‘How to Hear Source in the Supermarket’) stuff that I’ve been chipping away at all year has changed form so many times that I’m wondering if it’s actually a chameleon! Haha! There have been so many changes to – and enhancements of – fundamental metaphysics, that updating the book (that I thought I’d finished writing in 2012!) feels like trying to paint the ocean. In real time. In oils. On canvas. Haha! It’s beautiful, rich, deep, and changes with the light… 😉

In 2020 I’m also going to get the chance to record some audio (meditations and workshop stuff) with a dear and talented friend of mine. I’m scared but excited for the process! But I know I’m in safe and supportive hands. Integrity rocks! 🙂 I might even get even braver and start using my YouTube channel to create some videos, so I can share these new energy updates faster and wider to all you wonderful peeps and your light-filled allies. Yaay! 🙂
I did two events in Byron recently – Platform and the ‘Playing in the Field’ workshop (which is the one all about the energetic changes/ new tools we have). I was hoping to get this mail out to you beforehand, but time slipped through my fingers like a small goldfish. Both events were really interesting for a number of reasons – including me being brave and allowing myself to channel in a whole new different way! Wee…! It felt really good, and I’m feeling the push to set up more regular Platform events in Brisbane in 2020. I’ll keep you posted. 😉
In case you don’t know yet, I’ve created a private group for the people who’ve attended the ‘Playing in the Field’ workshop. It’s a place where you can stay connected with one another and I (or you!) can add updates to the information that’s come through since we last spoke. Jump on board! (If this is you, you have to like my business page and then I can invite you from there.)

At this stage it doesn’t look like I’ll make it down to Melbourne in January again. But I might go later in the year, if I can align it with some nerdily-exciting conference things that are happening (Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton). Yay!

I’ve got a good feeling about 2020. It feels more solid and grounded (It’s a 4 year. Four is the number of Gaia/ material things). And it feels like it’s time to move forward with all the background work that’s been going on for everyone. Yay!
Kari Samuel’s astro for December made me feel a lot better about myself and all the ‘invisible’ groundwork I’ve been doing this year – hopefully she’ll brighten your day too. (weirdly, I can’t add the video link directly here, so go get her over there! 😉


I trust you’ll have a wonderful holiday season, whether warm or cold, and that you surround yourself with people who lift you up and encourage you to soar.
It’s time! 🙂


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A 50 word story a day – January 2018

Day 1. ‘I am here.’

I am here on this first day, in this same skin, with this same sweat and this same smile. Recently it wasn’t so sweet or same-ish. I lost sight of the great things around me. I forgot that I’m powerful. I forgot that I’m needed and wanted here. Right here.

Day 1 Photograph by Lesley Ann Ercolano

Photograph by Lesley Ann Ercolano.



Day 2. ‘Yellow.’

When is it time to fight for what you want? When is it time to let it go and not feel yellow-bellied? With the change in calendars, times, energies, vibrations – the time is ripe for so many things that didn’t work before. Will you have the courage to start again?

day 2 Painting Solar Plexus Goddess by Carol Cavalaris

Painting: Solar Plexus Goddess by Carol Cavalaris.



Day 3. ‘On the floor.’

It’s tricky to look up when you’re on the floor. And it doesn’t help that our culture has a hierarchy of illnesses. Cancer? Then you get a fundraising-run and a ribbon. Broken leg? A white cast and signatures. Cerebral illness? Well, then… that’s your own fault. Lazy. Crazy. Stay away.

Day 3 Lithograph Self Reflected in Violets by Greg Dunn

Lithograph: Self Reflected in Violets by Greg Dunn.



Day 4. ‘Plain.’

It’ll be plain sailing from here on in! That’s what we all thought after 2012. That somehow we’d made it. That all we had to do now was sit back and reap the rewards. We didn’t realise how many rules would change. We didn’t understand the depth of the recalibration.

Day 4 Image Sailing in your Dreams by Markoo Art

Image: Sailing in your Dreams by Markoo Art.



Day 5. ‘Stacked.’

He stacked pancakes on a plate and searched for the butter. He knew she liked them and he wanted to surprise her before he left. Not realising the paradox of his actions, he didn’t think she’d feel confused at his gesture. His heart melted like syrup as his throat tightened.

day 5 Painting Syrupy Goodness by Melanie Cossey

Painting: Syrupy Goodness by Melanie Cossey.



Day 6. ‘Happy place.’

Here is my happy place. Beside the river.  Under the big shady figs. The bustle of market day all around me. Fresh fruit and veggies nestled against hand-crafted wares. The smell of German sausages and Thai noodles. Talented musicians on the makeshift stage. Spiced chai from the Romany wagon. Bliss.

day 6 Photo The Mad Tones at Davies Park markets

Photo: The Mad Tones at Davies Park markets.



Day 7. ‘Light.’

She grabbed the lamp from the table. Brandished it. ‘Is this what you want?’ she loomed in front of her friend. ‘No, no,’ she replied, startled by the outburst. ‘It isn’t at all.’ ‘Well, then! You can have it!’ she flung the lamp across the room. Her ears already closed.

Day 7 Oil Painting Toast by Tim Kennedy

Oil Painting: Toast by Tim Kennedy.



Day 8. ‘Splendid.’

Ah, splendid. The low to balance out the high. The polar opposite. The yang to the yin. The down to the up. Blah blah. All it means is that today I feel like shit. Lethargy and deprecation overwhelm me. I need to add movement and more meditation to my day.

Day 8 Painting Ups and Downs by Paddy Spoelder

Painting: Ups and Downs by Paddy Spoelder.



Day 9. ‘Everyday moments.’

I remember when hugs were a part of my every day. And now, not so much. The people I share space with aren’t natural huggers, so I am always the one who instigates them. But, on the days when it’s tricky to reach out. It’d be nice to just receive.

Day 9 Image by Suzy Spafford

Image by Suzy Spafford.



Day 10. ‘I like this!’

I like this strong and soft woman that I am. I like that I get bolder as I grow older. I think encroaching Elderhood suits me. I like that I’m embracing more of my quirks and seeing the world and my place in it as one big cosmic puzzle piece.

Day 10 Painting Galaxy Puzzle by Lynette Cook

Painting: Galaxy Puzzle by Lynette Cook.



Day 11. ‘Me.’

Here I am in this familiar city, with its eccentric women and its handsome men. With its nestling comfort of good friends and nice food. Its low humidity and its changeable weather. Its old footpaths, worn thin with memories. Here I am, with my own quirks and foibles. Fitting in.

day 11 Photo Flinders Street Station January 2018 by HG Stuart

Photo: Flinders Street Station, January 2018 by HG Stuart.



Day 12. ‘Sweet.’

I wondered when the sweetness would wear off. When you would come to your senses and see that I’m just another human. I knew that you’d get to this precipice before I did, and so I allowed myself to free-fall. Just a little. Just for the sheer exhilaration of it.

Day 12 Collage Freefalling by Maya Mitten

Collage: Freefalling by Maya Mitten.



Day 13. ‘Floral.’

She removed her straw hat. He smiled and plucked some blossoms from the garden. He approached, presenting her with the flowers. She wondered why she suddenly felt like she was in an eighteenth-century romance novel. Instead, she flipped her dreadlocks out of her eyes, laughed and invited him for tea.

day 13 floral Painting Spring, The Fence by Vaclav Brozik

Painting: Spring, The Fence by Vaclav Brozik.



Day 14. ‘Faceless portrait.’

It’s worrying that some people have to wear masks when they protest against the government – or other systems of business that are driven by money and not community needs. It’s horrifying that some people are imprisoned for writing as freely as I do in a public forum. Strange times.

UK - Edingurgh - Writers Attend Edinburgh International Book Festival

Chair: Designed by Laura Shand and Fiona Hunter, pictured at the Edinburgh International Book Festival for the Scottish PEN ‘Empty Chair’ campaign.



Day 15. ‘New.’

New perspective on old thinking. New lightness in my step. New feelings about dated memories. New healing techniques surpassing the old. New frequencies shifting out the dross faster than before. New energy released from heavy baggage. New light. New life. New start. New year. New burst of strength. New me!

day 15 Painting Cosmic Creativity by Alex Grey

Painting: Cosmic Creativity by Alex Grey.



Day 16. ‘Wall.’

Peek over the wall with your entheogens or your chemicals. See what the world is like with your vision open; your pain gone. Then know that these tools are only meant to be step-ladders. Helping you see what is available to you, without the medicine. Tap into your own innate.

day 16 Painting The Sacred Garden by Amanda Sage

Painting: The Sacred Garden by Amanda Sage.



Day 17. ‘Thoughtful.’

Benevolence, beauty, love, harmony, compassion. These are the traits of high consciousness. Darkness is the opposite: slavery, death, killing, not understanding love. These are the metaphors which are used to explain the energy on the planet. Light will always win – if there’s enough of it. Jump on board, space monkeys!

day 17



Day 18. ‘Cool.’

It’s nice to be cool in the middle of summer. Escaping the stupidly humid high temperatures of the sweaty sub-tropics is the smartest thing I’ve done all year. Seeing smiley friends and making new ones. Reconnecting with colleagues and clients. Walking familiar streets and visiting my nature-family. Lucky little gypsy!

day 18 Photo Merri Creek avenue by HG Stuart

Photo: Merri Creek avenue by HG Stuart.



Day 19. ‘Paper.’

‘But he looks bad on paper,’ her friend said. ‘I know,’ she replied. ‘But there’s just something there that deserves further exploration.’ Her friend nodded slowly. ‘And besides, I don’t look that good on paper either!’ Her friend laughed, assuring her otherwise. But she didn’t know the half of it.

Day 19 Paper Art by Kiri Ken

Paper Art by Kiri Ken.



Day 20. ‘Reflection.’

I like the reflection of myself that I see in your eyes. Your soft-focus lens, which blurs out the faults I see. Smooths the rough edges. Enlivens me. I like that I see the good in you, too. The mastery in the making. The healer hidden just under the surface.

day 20 Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash.



Day 21. ‘Day off.’

Taking a day off is seen (mostly) as a good thing. Taking a week off is seen as (sometimes) necessary. But what about taking a month off? A year? What, exactly, are we ‘taking off’ from? A job we dislike? A life? Seems wiser to change that, than escape it.

Day 21 Oil Painting Relaxing at the Gorge by Tracey-Ann Morris

Oil Painting: Relaxing at the Gorge by Tracey-Ann Morris.



Day 22. ‘Scenic.’

I’ve definitely taken the scenic route in my life! Mountain vistas and city scapes. Partnerships and friends. Businesses and work. Toads and princes. What funny balances I’ve endeavoured to achieve in the minutiae. Letting go of what life ‘should’ look like is the best thing I’ve learned in a decade.

day 22



Day 23. ‘Yum!’

I anticipate the day when tea is returned to at least equal footing on the beverage pile. Coffee has such a stranglehold at the moment that tea often doesn’t even make it onto the menu. And when it arrives, it’s half-made, barely-stirred and looks like a dirty river. Tea-drinkers rebel!

day 23 Painting Afternoon Tea by Jill Westbrook

Painting: Afternoon Tea by Jill Westbrook.



Day 24. ‘Begins with S.’

Sultry sexy summer sweat. Leaning in towards you to feel your hot breath (then realising that was a terrible mistake!). Pushing you off me, to allow the cool breeze to flow between us. Enough space to breathe. Enough space to fly. Embracing interdependence. The delicate balance between insecurity and indifference.

Day 24 Artwork Lovers by Cameron Gray

Artwork: Lovers by Cameron Gray.



Day 25. ‘My morning view.’

My morning view has unchanged, in some ways, for over forty years. But in so many ways it’s vastly different. They say you never know how different you’ve become until you return to put your feet on the same shore. With all my years of wandering, I reckon it’s true.

day 25 Photo Golden Penda by HG Stuart

Photo: Golden Penda by HG Stuart.



Day 26. ‘Thank you for…’

Thank you for fifty thousand years of custodianship. Thank you for teaching us late-comers some of your powerful ways. Thank you for not dying-off like the colonialists wanted you to. Thank you for surviving and thriving into the twenty-first century. Thank you for singing and dancing and painting your stories.

Day 26 Painting We Are The Land by Jandamarra Cadd

Painting: We Are The Land by Jandamarra Cadd.



Day 27. ‘In the night.’

You crept into my room in the night and pulled back the cotton sheet. You turned me over and kissed me gently down my spine. You whispered sweet nothings into the thin air. Sweet nothings that indeed turned out to be nothing. You were another toad masquerading as a prince.

day 27 Painting The Impressionist Lovers by Leonid Afremov

Painting: The Impressionist Lovers by Leonid Afremov.



Day 28. ‘Text.’

I’ve had whole conversations via text. Almost whole relationships. It’s funny how we see texting as different to writing. Sometimes it feels like we’ve devolved into a parody of eighteenth-century England where one wrote one’s missives on perfumed paper to be delivered by an invisible servant. Instantaneous epistles. Electronic servants.

day 28 Image 18th Century wax-sealed letters by Jennifer Osmond Hatt

Image: 18th Century wax-sealed letters by Jennifer Osmond Hatt.



Day 29. ‘Magic.’

They say science is magic that’s consistent. But what if it’s already consistent? Does that change modern science? Are we now post-Galileo? (Who divided astrology and astronomy from being bed-fellows.) Post-Linnaeus? (Who named the plants by dissecting them into tiny pieces; not seeing the magnificent whole.) What an interesting challenge!

Day 29 Illustration Flower Clock by Susan Strawn Bailey

Illustration: Flower Clock by Susan Strawn Bailey.



Day 30. ‘A secret.’

I have a secret that I haven’t daren’t whispered to the wind. I hold it close to my chest. Mindful of its power. I let it show, just a little, sometimes. But you know it already. Really you do. You can feel it when I’m not there. I love you.

day 30



Day 31. ‘Less is more.’

Less is more, unless it’s clothing in the middle of winter. Or food when you’re hungry. I think this saying is only for those who have the luxury of excess. Those designers or shoppers who fall into extravagance or indulgence. Perhaps it’s insulting to those who really do have less.

day 31 Photo Oliver! 1968 movie directed by Carol Reed adapted from Charles Dickens Oliver Twist

Photo: Oliver! 1968 movie directed by Carol Reed adapted from Charles Dickens Oliver Twist.

A 50 word story a day – December 2017

Day 1. ‘I love doing this!’

I love leaving candles on the pathway. For others to see the light in the darkness. And hopefully not stumble over their feet as much as I have. I love following those little bright sparks before me. Those candles that others have left. From those wiser, bolder, braver than I.

Day 1 Art installation Shining Tree in a Sacred Place by MoNo

Art installation: Shining Tree in a Sacred Place by MoNo.



Day 2. ‘Free choice.’

Ah, this old chestnut again. How many times have I written to this prompt? How many times have we said the same thing? Many. But here we go again – consciousness is Queen. It controls your biology, your rate of aging, your health, your Akash, your thoughts, your words, your life.

Day 2 Image Conscious Awareness by Alex Polanco

Image: Conscious Awareness by Alex Polanco.



Day 3. ‘Family.’

Draw your family near, dear ones. Hold your tribe close to your heart in these changing times. No matter where they are. Hold hands and anchor each other. Inspire and encourage all those who walk the same path of compassion and love as you do. Seek joy at every turn.

day 3 family Painting Rainbow Boat by Tessa Mythos

Painting: Rainbow Boat by Tessa Mythos.



Day 4. Partial.’

One foot dangling on one side of the fence. The other foot on the other; stuck in the past. Higher or lower consciousness? Love or fear? Light or dark? Which will you choose? For in these times, everything is being amplified. Choice is far more important than it’s ever been.

Day 4 Partial Tapestry Twilight Zone by Arinesart

Tapestry: Twilight Zone by Arinesart.



Day 5. ‘In my bag.’

In my bag is a raft of excuses. ‘Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that! Don’t you know that I’m this or that? I have this thing or that ailment.’ Hmm… Have you realised things have changed? Manifestation is happening faster than ever before. Watch your words and your thoughts, peeps!

day 5 in my bag Image Magalie Foutrier

Image: Magalie Foutrier.



Day 6. ‘Art.’

Scrabbling around in the dust of my low self-worth. Deciding to let it go, once and for all. Bored of the old game of ‘not enough’. Allowing the love in. Allowing for more. Turning my life into an art form. Deciding to choose what I want. Co-creating like a motherfucker.

day 6 Image Yellow Power by Jo Jayson

Image: Yellow Power by Jo Jayson.



Day 7. ‘Money.’

He said: ‘My treat. My shout. It’s on me.’ And she allowed it. Allowed him to pay for her. And it was nice. Being treated. Allowing herself to receive. But then, on subsequent outings, he kept referring to his generosity. ‘That was an expensive weekend. For me.’ Pointed. Cheap. Ungracious.

Day 7 Money Artwork Dollar Broom by Mark Wagner

Artwork: Dollar Broom by Mark Wagner.



Day 8. ‘Opposites.’

Contrary adventures. Travelling so far without moving my feet. Learning so much about the state of the Universe – and my place in it. Seemingly paradoxical processes. Working in many dimensions at once. Outside the four common ones. Inside the most interesting ones. Wondering at the juggling act of it all.

day 8 The Juggler by Michael Parkes

Image: The Juggler by Michael Parkes.



Day 9. ‘Silly.’

I write these silly ditties as creative practice. They keep my writerly sword sharpened. Prevent it from being blunted by life’s vagaries. Sometimes I don’t like the prompt but bend it to suit my needs. Sometimes I bang on about what’s on my mind. Sometimes I simply make stuff up.

day 9 silly

Painting by Jennifer Maughan.



Day 10. ‘The sky.’

Some days the sky stretches on forever. Gloriously blissful in its expanse. And other days when it stretches forever, it feels like a taunt. Unobtainable bliss extending beyond my reach. Time lengthening until I can’t wait until it’s late enough to sleep. And the days drag on. Black cloud dreaming.

day 10 Light in the Dark by Sebastian Becker

Image: Light in the Dark by Sebastian Becker.



Day 11. ‘Splash.’

You arrived with a splash and left just as quickly. Drowning in the torrential rain that came. Soaking the mango trees and your clothing. Too heavy to bear. All those dreams wiped out in the deluge. Reaching out for the hand of an angel as you swept by. Gypsy girl.

day 11 Splash Image No Fear of Drowning by Allison712

Image: No Fear of Drowning by Allison712.



Day 12. ‘Big.’

The biggest issue that faces the closed biosphere we all live on is pollution. Gaia is far stronger than our skyscrapers and our clods of cement. She sends shoots of grass through pavements. But the toxic chemicals that we’re pumping into the water, the air. Well, that’s a different story.

day 12 big



Day 13. ‘Tiny.’

Tiny minds, unable to see beyond their own petty thinking and their bid for short-term profits. Unable to fathom the time-lines of the Elders, where things last for generations. Unable to fathom there are grand things beyond their three-dimensional views. Unable to withstand the waves of compassion that are rising.

day 13 tiny Image Prema Gaia by Shanti Herrington

Image: Prema Gaia by Shanti Herrington.



Day 14. ‘Peace.’

My peace has been disturbed this morning. Scratchy dreams hanging with me as I drink my tea. Tangled perspectives; followed by clarity. The paradox made clear. The dust of sleep shaking slowly from my eyes. Remembering we now have even more control over our dreams. Ask for ‘only good things’.

day 14 peace Oil painting The Last Island by Erica Wexler

Oil painting: The Last Island by Erica Wexler.



Day 15. ‘On the floor.’

I’m tired and tangled. But I’m glad I have an awareness of these heightened waves of consciousness that’re inundating the planet right now. I’m glad I know I have a board to wax and that lifesavers at are hand. I’m glad I know to meditate, hydrate, sit on the floor.

day 15 on the floor Image The Great Wave (Remix) by Randal Roberts

Image: The Great Wave (Remix) by Randal Roberts.



Day 16. ‘Outdoors.’

Standing outside myself and watching the world go by. Wanting less and less to participate in it. I feel like an outdoors woman in an indoors world. Air-conditioning and fluoro lights versus trees and star shine. One makes me feel unwell, unbalanced. The other makes me feel grounded and centred.

Day 16 Outdoors Photo Beech at Mt Glorious by HG Stuart

Photo: Beech at Mt Glorious by HG Stuart.



Day 17. ‘Joy is…’

Joy is thin on the ground in a shopping centre carpark just before Christmas. Which is ironic, considering it’s meant to be the season and all. I’ve tried to embrace the festive season this year. Embracing the celebration of magic in the world rather than seeing only a consumerist nightmare.

Day 17 Screenprint Christ With Shopping Bags by Banksy

Screenprint: Christ With Shopping Bags by Banksy.



Day 18. ‘Lights.’

What’ll you do when the lights go out? When the grid fails and the way you live changes? What’ll you do between now and then? Ignore the cycles of weather that’re easily seen in history? Palm us off as crazy, unscientific hippies? A Solar Minimum is coming. Get ready, peeps!

day 18 lights Photo The Sun's corona around solar min (top) and solar max (bottom) by NCAR's High Altitude Observatory and Rhodes College

Photo: The Sun’s corona around solar min (top) and solar max (bottom) by NCAR’s High Altitude Observatory and Rhodes College.


Day 19. ‘Tree.’

Have you forgotten that you are fed, clothed, sheltered, watered and oxygenated by the planet? That this great big moving lump of beautiful rock called Gaia is in concert with us. Thank her for her alliance. Her co-operation. Her balance with you. Every day. Before you get out of bed.

day 19 space gaia stars



Day 20. ‘tis the season to…’

‘tis the season to be mindful. Buy your plastic trinkets made by Chinese slaves. Buy your new phone from underpaid South Korean workers. Buy your feast from the supermarket duopoly. Use your unethical credit card. Or: re-create, re-cycle, re-invent. Remember the magic of the turning of the year. You choose.

day 20 tis the season Painting Australian Medicin Wheel of the Year By Sharon McLeod

Painting: Australian Medicin Wheel of the Year By Sharon McLeod.



Day 21. ‘Ornament.’

‘But she made such a nice ornament,’ he whinged over his beer. His mates chastised him, but he continued. ‘Oh, come on,’ he said. ‘You’ve gotta admit that she was cute.’ He grinned, hyena-like, over the froth. ‘But you can’t think about women like that!’ one mate implored. Gentleness prevailing.

Day 21 ornament Drawing by Nekomarunosuke

Drawing by Nekomarunosuke.



Day 22. ‘Wrapped.’

She wrapped up her life in one little phrase: ‘I’ll see…’ This gave her the perfect ‘out’ if she needed to cancel plans. It helped her to stay in the present moment and not project expectations into the future. But, more importantly, it gave her over-worked hippocampus time to re-balance.

Day 22 Artwork (enamel on composition gold and aluminum) Hippocampus II by Greg Dunn artist and neuroscientist

Artwork: Hippocampus II by Greg Dunn, artist and neuroscientist.



Day 23. ‘Sparkly.’

Today I wasn’t sparkly. I woke with the weight of the world on my shoulders. In my ears. What happens when the grid fails? Does it matter that it’s a decade away? Does it matter that there’ll be amazing leaps in technological advancements between now and then? No, it doesn’t.

day 23 sparkly


Day 24. ‘On the door.’

On the door is a sign that says: ‘Don’t come in.’ Sometimes. My hermetic tendencies come out at the strangest – and occasionally the most inopportune – times. When I am meant to be shiny and sparkly, I can feel anything but. And it takes a lot of energy to fake it.

Day 24 Painting Open Door by Magritte

Painting: Open Door by Magritte.



Day 25. ‘My day.’

My day was filled with food, family, friends and gifts. Every day is like this, really. Although the importance of this is heightened during the holidays.  I always remember what it’s like to not have these things. This increases my appreciation. Every day is a gift. How lucky I am!

Day 25 surfing_santa



Day 26. ‘Where I slept.’

Where I slept was dry and warm. My belly was full and my mind was at peace. Where I slept was rough and cold. My belly was empty and my mind was racing. Where I slept was safe but I missed your arms around me. The paradoxes of the season.

Day 26 Lazy Days by Linda Apple

Image: Lazy Days by Linda Apple.



Day 27. ‘Good times.’

Good times with good people are not to be undervalued. For it is our experiences that we take with us when we pass over the veil. Our big, bold, loved hearts. It’s not our new car or shiny toys. It’s how much we have laughed. How well we have loved.

Day 27 Image God of Laughter by David Bollt

Image: God of Laughter by David Bollt.



Day 28. ‘Snack.’

‘Do you want a snack?’ she asked, attempting to inject some coyness into her words (which seemed dumb while slicing cheese). He nodded, not looking up from the computer. She sashayed (how does one sashay anyway?) across the lounge, but her attempt fell on blind eyes. He loved her anyway.

Day 28 Painting Flirting by Teresa Ochoa

Painting: Flirting by Teresa Ochoa.



Day 29. ‘Makes me happy.’

The grand dame of the Pacific Ocean makes me happy. Swimming in her perfect blue depths make me smile. Letting the white wash crash into my face is like a spa for my head. Releasing all that no longer serves me. Shifting even the darkest of moods. Beautiful, transformative waters.

Day 29 Photo La Pacifica December 2017 by HG Stuart

Photo: La Pacifica, December 2017 by HG Stuart.



Day 30. ‘Best photo of 2017.’

‘Oh, come on,’ he badgered everyone into place. He waved his camera like a shield. The family and friends corralled into a corner of the hot lounge room, grumbling like small children before dinner. ‘It’s the only time we’re all together,’ he bleated. No-one knew it would be the last.

day 30 Painting African Family by Mich Art

Painting: African Family by Mich Art.



Day 31. A 50 word story a day – ‘Cheers!’

Cheers to those who crossed my path this year. (And what an interesting path it was!) Cheers to those who didn’t make it. Cheers to those who buoyed me when I was down. And cheers to those who didn’t. Blow your trumpet and lift your head high. We made it!

Day 31 Image Penny Parker

Image: Penny Parker.

A 50 word story a day – November 2017

Day 1. ‘Blue.’

Clear blue ocean calling me. Swimming in its azure shallows, I relax and allow the world to support me. Arms outstretched, heart heavenward, eyes closed. Floating in the bath of Gaia. I easily and lovingly release that which no longer serves me. I easily and gratefully accept that which does.

day 1 blue straddie

Photo: En route to Stradbroke Island November 2017 by HG Stuart.



Day 2. ‘Red.’

Red sails in the sunset. Red sky at night. Red sky at dawn. Reds under the bed. Red red wine. Ruby red. Red roses. Red hearts in battle. War-like red. Blood-streaked faces. Warrior men. Red-faced and loud. The red passion of the heart. Flaming red into the sky. Misplaced warriors.

Day 2 Painting Red City 2 by Rabi Khan

Painting: Red City 2 by Rabi Khan.



Day 3. ‘Green.’

Green-washing is the new white-washing. Underhanded marketing practices to foil unsuspecting customers. But really it is compassion that is the new black. Elegant solutions to what seem like inherently unstoppable ploys. No more heads-in-the-sand. Compassion in advertising, politics and business. Compassion in all relationships. Get yourself ready, peeps. They’re coming!

day 3 green



Day 4. ‘Yellow.’

Not long ago, we were taught to be afraid of the Yellow Peril. Asian immigration was to be our downfall. (Instead, it brought us interesting people and delicious food.) The same with the Greeks and the Italians. (But again, the same outcome.) Now it’s the Persians. When will we learn?

day 4 yellow



Day 5. ‘Pink.’

‘Think before you pink’ is a new aphorism I’ve heard recently. Be aware of where your dollars go if you buy pink ‘cancer-cure’ products. Be aware that the CEO earns a shedload of money. Be aware that most of the promoted products promote cancer growth. Be wise in your support.

day 5 pink



Day 6. ‘Aqua.’

She slipped on her aqua bikini and slid into the water. It was cool and refreshing after the hot day. The palm trees swayed in the breeze as cliché after cliché came crashing down. The art of good writing lies in quirky or oxymoronic juxtapositions. Pearls of sweat. Holy war.

day 6 aqua Oil painting Shear Bliss by Kelly Reemsten

Oil painting: Shear Bliss by Kelly Reemsten.



Day 7. ‘Orange.’

She peeled an orange and watched him carefully. He slugged whiskey into his coffee as though it were milk. She sighed quietly but he reacted nonetheless. ‘What?’ he spat. ‘You think I drink too much, don’t you?’ Prodding her like cattle. Eating a small segment, she shrunk into her chair.

Day 7 orange Painting No Means No by Fania Simon

Painting: No Means No by Fania Simon.



Day 8. ‘White.’

It felt like I just had afternoon tea with your parents. Your dad brought white roses. They said they were proud of you. They told me stories about your family and some upcoming celebrations. They chatted easily and made us both laugh. It didn’t seem to matter that they’re dead.

day 8 white Painting White Rose With Yellow Glow by Sharon Freeman

Painting: White Rose With Yellow Glow by Sharon Freeman.



Day 9. ‘Black.’

Imagine living through the early days of photography or television, with only black and white images. Imagine trying to explain the internet to someone who’s never heard of a computer. Now, imagine that you see things not many others can see yet. Does this mean you’re crazy? Or a visionary?

day 9 black Painting The Artist's Hand by Alex Grey

Painting: The Artist’s Hand by Alex Grey.



Day 10. ‘Purple.’

The beautiful purple flame of our dear old friend, Saint Germain. Step into the violet fire to burn away any dross that you no longer need. That no longer serves you. These purple flames won’t burn you. They’ll simply incinerate the dust. Step out of the fire renewed. Beautiful phoenix.

day 10 purple



Day 11. ‘Grey.’

Falling through the cracks in this greyed, black and white world. Being watched by the bunnies around me as I slide further from the denseness of their 3-D-only consciousness. Wondering sometimes if I’m perhaps sliding too far? (Or not far enough.) I know there’s great music and colour beyond this.

Day 11 grey Painting You Can Do It By Yourself ( 一人でできるもん) by Kazuki Takamatsu

Painting: You Can Do It By Yourself ( 一人でできるもん) by Kazuki Takamatsu.



Day 12. ‘Brown.’

Your big brown hands held me gently from the day I arrived. Your quiet manner underpinned my teenage years and as I became a wiser young woman. It was tricky to leave when I knew I’d not see you alive again. I’m glad I loved you as best I could.

Day 12 Bronze sculpture by Wrightson and Platt

Bronze sculpture by Wrightson and Platt.



Day 13. ‘Gold.’

Gold records. Gold medal. Gold class. Gold standard. These things all subconsciously teach us that ‘gold’ is the pinnacle. And it was. The old, best, frequency was gold. And we’ve reflected this for thousands of years. But now, the frequency has shifted. Silver is stronger. Time to re-tune Radio You!

Day 13 gold Painting Ekstasis by Brian Froud

Painting: Ekstasis by Brian Froud.



Day 14. ‘Silver.’

If gold is King, perhaps silver is Queen. Perhaps this profound shift in magnetics is more reflective of the shift towards the feminine than I realised. Back to the pre-history days of compassion and intuition being the guiding forces behind our lives. Away from war and greed. Back to Love.

day 14 silver Image Inner Conflict by Lady Symphonia

Image: Inner Conflict by Lady Symphonia.



Day 15. ‘Neon.’

I once had quirky neon signs on the walls of my faerie cottage. No-one knew why they were there or where they came from. The main supposition was that they were part of a cheesy old nightclub in Paddington. Creative left-overs spawning more creative endeavours. Lighting up my faerie walls.

day 15 neon



Day 16. ‘Circle.’

Dance with me in a circle, my friends. The timeless dance of interconnection. Dance with me while my hair flies in the wind and the sun tears at your skin. Dance with me while the waters are calm and deep. Dance with me while the storm rages. Dance with me.

Day 16 Circle Oil painting The Dance of Love by Leonid Afremov

Oil painting: The Dance of Love by Leonid Afremov.



Day 17. ‘Curly.’

Lay your curly thoughts upon her pillow. Rest your head and allow the night to wash away your worries. Let her be your horizontal counsel. Let the wise woman listen in the dim light. Let her hair fall gently on your chest. Let the tears fall. Let the stories flow.

day 17 curly Image by Hadas Raiss

Image by Hadas Raiss.



Day 18. ‘Listening to…’

Listening more carefully to the words you say. Hearing the undercurrent of fear and past experiences being dredged up into the present. Seeing the triggers being pushed. Pulled. Exhumed into existence. Watching you argue with yourself. Ghosts of the past haunting you. Paining you. Pulling you down. Pushing me away.

Day 18 Ghost from the Past by Riverd

Image: Ghost from the Past by Riverd.


Day 19. ‘Not mine.’

‘But this isn’t mine!’ he cried, rubbing his face. Watching his life fall apart. The bills, the breakdown, the undisciplined kids, the illnesses. They all ‘just happened’. He never once saw the power in his daily words: ‘You make me sick. I can’t.’ Giving his power away in little pieces.

Day 19 Not mine Image Falling Apart by Second Creations

Image: Falling Apart by Second Creations.



Day 20. ‘Hobby.’

Hobby seems like such an old fashioned word to me. It simply means the leisure activities that you enjoy. Or the pursuit of a skill. But somehow it always conjures images of dowdy ladies or sock-and-sandal wearing men doing weird things in garden sheds. And not cool weird things either!

day 20 hobby Image Holly Hobbie by Sarah Kay

Image: Holly Hobbie by Sarah Kay.



Day 21. ‘Pop of colour.’

Some days I’m most definitely not the pop of colour. My mood so dark that I wonder that I survive it. Remembering that my ‘brain has a cold’. Remembering to exercise. Remembering that I’m not my thoughts. Remembering that I can choose to vibrate at a higher frequency than that.

Day 21 pop of colour Image Jacket design for Blessings to be Blue by Mable Singleton-Murrell

Image: Jacket design for Blessings to be Blue by Mable Singleton-Murrell.



Day 22. ‘Under my feet.’

Under my feet the world shifts and changes. Learning quantum physics is like studying a moving target. But I’m glad I understand the basics: Akashic inheritance; epigenetics; compassion; Love. I’m excited about the upgrades, rather than trying to negate them. My small ego taking a back-seat to my larger curiosity.

day 22 Under my feet Image Cobra Woman by Melina del Mar

Image: Cobra Woman by Melina del Mar.



Day 23. ‘Square.’

He squared his shoulders against the onslaught. But none came. The lack of impact almost made him stumble. He wasn’t used to this. This acceptance. This nurturing. This woman who could take him in her arms and fulfil him. He had never met a shaman warrior woman before. Surprising joy.

day 23 Image Shaman Azada In Libro by Okha

Image: Shaman Azada In Libro by Okha.



Day 24. ‘Cut.’

I’ll cut you from my life if I have to. If your projections of your fears become too loud that you cannot help but shine them in my direction. If you cannot salve your own wounds. If you cannot ask me for assistance. If your projections become your only lens.

day 24 cut Painting Pigeon! by Carl Beazley

Painting: Pigeon! by Carl Beazley.



Day 25. ‘Fresh.’

You do know that the ‘fresh food people’ are anything but fresh? That their slogan is merely a marketing ploy to manipulate your subconscious into thinking (or, rather – into not thinking) that you’re buying fresh produce. I wonder when manipulative marketing like this will fall out of favour. Hopefully soon.

day 25 fresh



Day 26. ‘Man-made.’

Why are we still ignoring over half the world’s population with words like ‘man-made’? Why can’t I just accept that it represents all humans? Well, because it doesn’t. Besides that, old-fashioned phraseology like this also assigns all the horrors of the past to the masculine, which doesn’t seem fair either.

day 26 Man made Photo Licorne nuclear test, Fangataufa atoll, French Polynesia 1970

Photo: Licorne nuclear test, Fangataufa atoll, French Polynesia 1970.



Day 27. ‘Hole.’

You fill a hole in me, she said. Parroting all that she’d heard since childhood. You complete me. I was lost before I met you. But – now, older and wiser, she knows none of these things are true. She knows that only she can fill whatever void she finds inside.

day 27 hole



Day 28. ‘Triangle.’

The holy trinity of survival: wake up; speak up; head down. Do you know that we all have an inbuilt fear of becoming too wise and vociferous? We’ve been terminated for this before. Previous lives in old energies where it was unsafe to be aware. Lucky times have changed, huh?

Day 28 triangle



Day 29. ‘Sun flare.’

Yesterday I learned that different aurora colours indicate the level of penetration of the Sun’s flares into the Earth’s atmosphere. The lower they come, the pinker the light. These pink flares will become more common as the Sun heads deeper into the Solar Minimum – preceding the coming Mini-Ice Age. Ready?

day 29 solar flare Photo Frank Meissner on November 22, 2017, Tromsø, Norway

Photo: Frank Meissner on November 22, 2017, Tromsø, Norway.



Day 30. ‘Cool.’

Cool your heels in these tricky times. Breathe yellow light into your solar plexus. Increase the flow of love to your Self. This is your centre. Breathe green light into your heart. Calming and powerful. Breathe turquoise light into your upper chest. Reinvigorate your thymus. Balance your inner self. Breathe.


day 30 Cool thymus chakra


A 50 word story a day – October 2017

Day 1. ‘My happy place.’

My happy place is deep inside. It’s silver and gold and beautiful. Actually, it’s not so deep anymore. The more I work with it, the closer it rises to the surface. Shining out of my pores and seeping into the world. Resonating far beyond my physical self. Ripples of love.

day 1 shaman elder



Day 2. ‘Envelope.’

Put it in an envelope and post it to me. Old school. Keeping in touch across aeons. Finding each other again amid the billions of people on the planet. (That, in itself is a miracle!) Speaking the same language. Matching vibrations. It’s a wonder you’ve not fallen on your sword.

day 2 envelope


Day 3. ‘I bought this!’

‘I bought this!’ she squealed, brandishing her shopping bags like a prize. Not realising she was trying to buy her way out of a deep unhappiness. That her designer bags were a shallow attempt to buy distraction. She certainly didn’t imagine the child-labour at the inception of her branded products.

day 3 i bought this



Day 4. ‘Far away.’

The other day, you were far away, because I hadn’t met you yet. And now, you are nestled nearby little a warm little kitten. So sweet and calm, curled up in the corner. But I know if I wake you, you’ll be excited and ready to play. Funny little kitty.

day 4 far away



Day 5. ‘Today’s weather.’

Today was warm and sunny. I had a morning swim, followed by an afternoon in the garden. Above-average spring temperatures make for good beach weather, but they’re not good for the impending summer. Is this post-industrial effect in action? Or is this the ‘warming period’ before the Little Ice Age?

day 5 todays weather Oil painting A Frost Fair on the Thames at Temple Stairs 1684 by Abraham Hondius

Oil painting: A Frost Fair on the Thames at Temple Stairs 1684 by Abraham Hondius.



Day 6. ‘Something green.’

‘Something green in your smoothie? Some kale or some spirulina, perhaps?’ The young woman smiled over the counter at me, in my ragged beach clothes. Trying to be helpful, she was unaware of the effect of her words on my sensitive ears. ‘I hate kale’, I whispered angrily to myself.

day 6 something green



Day 7. ‘Relaxing.’

I’ve spent this afternoon relaxing. Well, passed out on the couch is probably a more accurate description! After a zombie-walk to get supplies, I was exhausted. All this moving and shaking, to-ing and fro-ing finally got to me. It’s funny how in the West we often see relaxation as laziness.

day 7 Painting Mette asleep on a sofa by Paul Gauguin

Painting: Mette Asleep on a Sofa by Paul Gauguin.


Day 8. ‘A treasure.’

I‘ve been watching commercial television. And I find the game shows and prize draws intriguing. We’re meant to see ten thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars as a treasure trove. But the pollies and the high-end business cats play with billions. Is this another way to keep us small?

day 8 A treaure Oil Painting by Carl Barks

Oil Painting by Carl Barks.



Day 9. ‘Good for me.’

Good for me! I’ve been working hard; changing fundamental vibrations and integrating all the new knowledge into myself. Seeing ways it can weave through the existing texts. Finding good metaphors to begin the dissemination. Even though it might not look like I’m doing much, remember that appearances can be deceiving.

day 9 good for me Image Experience So Lucid Discovery So Clear by Cameron Gray

Image: Experience So Lucid, Discovery So Clear by Cameron Gray.



Day 10. ‘Angel.’

Over eighty percent of the world’s population believe in angels. (Although that’s somewhat like saying you ‘believe’ in gravity.) Most of the world understands that metaphysical (= beyond physics) knowledge exists. If you don’t, that’s okay, but you’re in the minority. Don’t see it in the mainstream yet? Ever wonder why?

day 10 angel Image Leunig

Image by Leunig.



Day 11. ‘A favourite.’

You’re a favourite of mine. With your enthusiasm and your adventurous spirit. Your interesting perspectives on life and your eagerness to challenge the unwanted status quo. Your open-mindedness and your intelligence are a perfect marriage for good conversations. I love it when you’re near. I miss you when you’re gone.

day 11 favourite



Day 12. ‘I saw this today!’

Today I saw beautiful jacaranda trees in flower. Lining the river bank like pretty purple sentries. Guarding secrets, perhaps? Or perhaps just stories. ‘Ah, if only the trees could talk,’ we say. But what if they can? What if this skill was available to everyone? What would change? Thousand-year-old mentors.

day 12 i saw this today



Day 13. ‘Trees.’

Trees will communicate with you – if you allow it. Beyond the biological, external signs we see: this one needs more water, more sun. There are myriad experiments on the sentience of plants. They’ll grow towards classical music (and away from heavy metal). They remember information. They’ll love you back.

day 13 trees Photo Melbourne Botanical Gardens 2008 HG Stuart

Photo: Melbourne Botanical Gardens 2008 by HG Stuart.



Day 14. ‘Perspective.’

It’s interesting to see different people’s reactions to new perspectives. Do they eagerly embrace the new? Questioning with an open-minded excitement. Do they need a little more time to process? Slowly investigating new ideas. Or do they shut the door quickly? Slamming their minds closed. Making you wrong. Cognitive dissonance.

day 14 perspective



Day 15. ‘Snuggle.’

I’ve been snuggling with this fluffy fella all week. He has to be the smoochiest cat in town. He is so soft. His purring lulls me to sleep; calms me. He’s a bit like a dog, following me around with endless interest. Wanting my company. Making me laugh. Fluffy kitty.

day 15 snuggle

Photo by HG Stuart.



Day 16. ‘My name.’

My name is the name of the national flower of Scotland. Grounded in my Celtic roots. Heather is known to be strong like an oak. Resilient against the tough highland conditions of driving wind and rain. And yet, it produces these delicate little purple or white flowers. Pretty and powerful.

day 16 my name Photo Mic Straker Photography

Photo: Mic Straker Photography.



Day 17. ‘Gadget.’

Gadgets are meant to make our lives easier. In a lot of cases, this is true: the wheel, the computer, the car, the life-support-machine. However, I also think we’ve allowed gadgets to rob us of expertise. Cheese-making and bread-baking are boutique talents. People are losing fine-motor skills from writing less.

day 17 gadgets Drawing MC Escher Drawing Hands

Drawing: Drawing Hands by MC Escher.



Day 18. ‘One word.’

‘I just have one word to say to you,’ he said. She nodded, afraid of what he was going to say. ‘Love,’ he said flatly, as though it were a pancake. She smiled, knowing he was holding his tongue. Wanting to rain down on her with a deluge of words.

day 18 Oil painting It's Raining Love by Mariana Kalacheva

Oil painting: It’s Raining Love by Mariana Kalacheva.



Day 19. ‘Organised.’

I’m organised because I’m lazy. This may seem paradoxical, but it’s not. I don’t want to spend ten minutes looking for the scissors every time I want to use them, so I put them in the same place. Seems simple to me. But others are confused by this apparent contradiction.

day 19 organised



Day 20. ‘Floral.’

The more flowers we have, the more bees we have. So many people and industries are still using bee-killing pesticides that our little buzzy friends need as much help as they can get. (Why is RoundUp still legal?) Aim for at least three flowering plants in your garden at once.

day 20 floral Photo Cute bum in Tasmanian saffron by Campo de Flori

Photo: Cute Bum in Tasmanian Saffron by Campo de Flori.



Day 21. ‘Right now.’

Right now, I’m gardening in the rain. Muddy clothes sticking to my skin. Mozzies valiantly trying to find purchase. Gathering the weeds and the overgrown clumps into a pile. Shepherding soil into gentle beds. Planting new shiny-leaved things. Giving future food for the birds and the bees. Tending to Gaia.

day 21 right now Photo Gum in the garden by HG Stuart

Photo: Gum in the Garden by HG Stuart.



Day 22. A 50 word story a day – ‘I wrote this!’

I write these small ditties almost every day (and I catch-up when I don’t). I post them on my blog (even though I don’t really know how it works). Friends and strangers respond. I like that. It makes me smile. These little words ripple out farther than I might imagine.

day 22 i wrote this Painting Quenched by Contemporary Realism

Painting: Quenched by Contemporary Realism.



Day 23. ‘Something orange.’

I was once in Northern Ireland prior to the Orange Day march. A day when bitter old rivalries boil to the surface and create a seething pot of anger laced with deep discontent. Massive bonfires built in the suburbs, set to burn at midnight. Heavily-shuttered shop-fronts. Razor wire. Angry air.

day 23 something orange



Day 24. ‘One of a kind.’

I’m one of a kind, they say. Usually before they want to take me to their bed. I am funny and pretty, they say. Oft for the same reasons. It’s a tricky dance to separate the players from the genuine ones. My ego inflates with the words. Little-me wanting approval.

day 24 one of a kind Image by A Bit of Whimsy Art

Image by A Bit of Whimsy Art.


Day 25. ‘In flight.’

I wonder if I am in flight from my life. Moving around, praising the joys of travel. Living in gypsy-mode. I wonder if all this is a smoke-screen so I don’t have to delve deeper into relationships with others. Keeping myself distant to avoid intimacy. Or is it simply fun?

Day 25 In Flight Tribal Flight by Autumn Domoslai

Image: Tribal Flight by Autumn Domoslai.



Day 26. ‘Sticky.’

Sticky weather making my skin stick to yours. Sticky minds entangled in a game of he said/ she said. Sticky fingers and sticky thoughts confusing in their similarities. Sticky discussions in the dark light of pre-dawn. Avoiding eye contact. Avoiding intimacy. Projecting your stickiness onto me. Sticking it to me.

day 26 sticky Painting Apnea by Agnes Cecile

Painting: Apnea by Agnes Cecile.


Day 27. ‘Gate.’

Guard the gate of your Self with all the light-bearers you can imagine. An assembly. An entourage. Divine helpers will encourage you to hold steadfast in these shifting times. Meditation is always the key to maximising your Self. Tune in to your own internal radio. Your own personal, universal GPS.

day 27 gate



Day 28. ‘Looking down.’

Looking down from the eagle’s eyrie, I see with the perspective of the wise. I see your small games, wrapped in the velvety velour of romance. I see your wily words, warped with the silver tongue of sexuality. I see that I desire, deserve, require more than this now. Thanks!

Day 28 Looking Down Image Bird's Eye View by Kristin Williams

Image: Bird’s Eye View by Kristin Williams.



Day 29. ‘On top!’

I lay on top of you before I left. It felt warm and comfortable like a furry, human couch. I liked it. But it wasn’t to last. Like an old pair of slippers, it was time to let it go. The souls were worn and the stitching was wearing loose.

day 29 Painting Erin Siegel Art

Painting: Erin Siegel Art.



Day 30. ‘Home sweet home.’

It’s still a little strange to be back in my home town. Familiar streets, familiar faces. Knowing I don’t need a book of maps to drive around (mostly). Knowing there’ll be folks who are glad to see me (mostly). Knowing the places to go and the ones to avoid (mostly).

day 30 home sweet home



Day 31. ‘Wild.’

Wild women will always run free. Regardless of the perceived binds of their chains: race, age, education, status. For the wildness doesn’t come from without. It comes from within. The deep desire to live a full life – full of purpose, service, fun, creativity and love. Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Definitely yes.

day 31 Painting Sisters by Jill Neal

Painting: Sisters by Jill Neal.


A 50 word story a day – September 2017

Day 1. ‘Something pink.’

‘I was tickled pink with August’s story,’ said Bria, breaking the fourth wall. ‘Really?’ said Molly. ‘I wasn’t. I thought it didn’t suit the style of this format.’ ‘Perhaps, but I liked that we didn’t have to find a new image every day or choose an angle for each prompt.’

Day 1 pink


Day 2. ‘Breakfast.’

I had breakfast with you today. Sweet little thing that you are. Brave young woman that you are. Traversing the world to support other young women, lost in the mountains of old-fashioned slavery. Lost in time. And so you bring light to their world through your compassion and your research.

Day 2 sept Painting Tea at the Bed and Breakfast by Dana Marie

Painting: Tea at the Bed and Breakfast by Dana Marie.



Day 3. ‘I made this.’

I made this weird and glorious bed that I lie in. Nestled amongst the kin-that-aren’t-blood. I find my wings; nearly ready to fly. For fly we all must. The darks are getting darker as the lights are getting lighter. A greater contrast of vibration. More pronounced than ever before. Fly!

day 3 I made this Image Flying Bed by Artem Rhads Cheboha

Image: Flying Bed by Artem Rhads Cheboha.



Day 4. ‘On the road.’

On the road again is where I find myself. Moved about by the Universe. Planting seeds. Pollinating ideas. Like a little human bee! On the road is where I find my family. The one I wasn’t raised with. The ones I’ve sought out. My brothers and sisters of the Galaxy.

day 4 On the road



Day 5. ‘Grass.’

The grass here is greener. But that’s only because of excess water. There’s nothing profound in pouring good drinking water onto lawn in a drought. There’s nothing noble in living in an energy-hungry way. A boundless disconnection from the environment. Automatic this and that. Weed and feed. Poisoning themselves slowly.

day 5 grass



Day 6. ‘Ball.’

The ball is in your court, dear ones. Which side of the fence will you fall down on? The light or the dark? Will you find compassion for those who dislike or displease you? Will you find compassion for yourself? Will you fill your hearts with love amid the darkness?

day 6 ball Photo Ball of Light - River of Love by Denis Smith

Photo: Ball of Light – River of Love by Denis Smith.



Day 7. ‘Surprise.’

Surprise! Things are different! Have you noticed? Have you wondered where all the talk of ‘The Great Shift’ has gone? Before 2012, it was all we heard about. The Grand Cycle. The Galactic Precession. The Age of Aquarius. The Shift. Ascension was in the air. But now – what’s the news?

Day 7 Album cover Celestial Frequency Shift by Synonym vs Si-Klon

Image: Album cover, Celestial Frequency Shift by Synonym vs Si-Klon.



Day 8. ‘That’s funny!’

I love that the internet is a great library, full of interesting things. And what do we do? We look at pictures of cats! Cute, funny, fluffy cats. I love that mainstream science has proven we raise our feel-good hormones simply by looking at pictures of cute animals. Smart hoomans.

day 8 that's funny



Day 9. ‘Sweet.’

Life can be the sweetest thing. Full of mystery and adventure, gratitude and growth. Or it can be a dangerous and fear-full place, full of scary developments. The difference? Your perspective. There’s nothing more powerful than the strength of your consciousness. So train that little monkey to do your bidding.

day 9 sweet Illustration Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em by Lukas Brezak

Illustration: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em by Lukas Brezak.



Day 10. ‘Lunch.’

‘But I made you lunch!’ she wailed, like a two year old who’d dropped their ice cream. He involuntarily shied away from the tone of her voice. He placed his bag on the counter, reaching out for her. Placating her. She sniffled, pushing the plate towards him. He nodded slowly.

day 10 lunch



Day 11. ‘Solo.’

I love my own company. Sometimes I think I love it a little too much. And that’s uncomfortable for the mainstream world. It challenges and confuses them. They can’t figure out why I’m happy, when I don’t have the things they’ve been taught they need to be happy. Ah well.

day 11 solo



Day 12. ‘Emotional.’

Emotional intelligence is a highly underrated skill in the mainstream West. How do you deal with others? How do you manage your own emotions without projection? For some reason, we still think it’s normal to not train our kids (or ourselves) in this important aspect of being in the world.

day 12 emotional



Day 13. ‘Scenic.’

Take the scenic route in your life. Take the long way around. The picturesque drive. Make all the detours that you wish. For what else is life, but the exploration of self and the beautiful environment that we live in. Eat the chocolate. Drink the champagne. Why not, I say!

day 13 Scenic The Lost World - Nadegda Mihailova

Image: The Lost World by Nadegda Mihailova.



Day 14. ‘Mess.’

My life is a mess. I can’t do this. I always do that. I have this problem. The doctor said that. My health is this. My relationships are that. My money is this. These are all old habits. And habits can be changed. You can change. Human nature is changing.

day 14 mess



Day 15. ‘Spoon.’

I’ve almost forgotten how nice spooning feels. Thinking of it almost makes me want to reconsider the hermit-on-the-hill type life I have. (Or, rather, the gypsy-by-the-beach!) Almost. But I’m afraid that the rest of it the co-mingling of energies, the pubes on the soap doesn’t seem worth it at all!

day 15 spoon



Day 16. ‘Playing tourist.’

I’m playing tourist in a place where I used to live. Catching up with mates. Getting massages. Yoga by the beach. Swims and walks with the whales and the eagles. Sunshine on my shoulders and rainbow lorikeets in the trees. Luxurious housing. A full belly and a comfy bed. Blessed!

day 16 playing tourist Photo Mt Coolum



Day 17. ‘My addiction.’

One of my enduring addictions is my love of books. If I ever lived in one of those tiny houses, I would need a separate caravan just for the library. I find it hard to walk past a bookstore without a cursory browse at the very least. Sweet book-ish pleasure.

day 17 my addiction books



Day 18. ‘Outtake.’

Outtakes are things that are left out of the final cut. The bloopers and the other, unfunny, mistakes. The scenes that are too long or repetitious. The bits that are unnecessary for the telling of a coherent narrative. If only we could exorcise our lives as easily as a film.

Day 18 Outtake Sculpture You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy

Sculpture: You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy.



Day 19. ‘Out of focus.’

Sometimes my eyes are out of focus. If I’d listened to others I’d’ve thought I needed glasses. That somehow my twenty/twenty vision had suddenly (and irrevocably) disappeared. However I’ve learned that there’s a metaphysical explanation. It can be energies shifting and entering your field. Relax. Allow. Your eyes will reset.

day 19 out of focus



Day 20. ‘Dinner.’

‘Let me buy you dinner,’ he said, extending his hand. She smiled and accepted both. She didn’t expect this from this awkward man: a confidence that belied his initial appearance. She was so used to players that tried to dance the tango; it was nice to waltz for a change.

day 20 dinner Painting Waltz by Leonid Afremov

Painting: Waltz by Leonid Afremov.



Day 21. ‘Between.’

Between then and now, lots has changed. The magnetics of the planet have shifted so much they’ve had to re-paint the landing headings on the runways at airports. So this means changes for you, too. Change the frequency. Move with the shift. This is the culmination of lifetimes of work.

day 21 between Photo Bristol Airport by Ben Birchall, Press Association Images

Photo: Bristol Airport by Ben Birchall, Press Association Images.



Day 22. ‘Care.’

Care for yourself as though you were a small child: affection, connection, encouragement, boundaries and love. Remember that you’re still a small child. Inside each of us are the layers of who we have been, like growth rings in trees. Know that you can access these aspects of yourself anytime.




Day 23. ‘Rule of thirds.’

There’s a quarter of the year left. What will it look like for you? At the equinox, make intentions for the coming cycle. Turn the page and see what new script you can write. Better health, improved relationships, firmer goals; these are all at your fingertips. Reach, dear ones, reach.

Day 23 Sculpture Turn the Page by Lori McCray

Sculpture: Turn the Page by Lori McCray.



Day 24. ‘Everyday adventures.’

I love going on adventures in my area. I’ll explore new cities and forests, beaches and rivers. Sometimes I’ll take myself off on picnic explorations. Finding new pathways. Getting lost. Getting found again. I love the freedom this brings. The new thoughts and new ideas. I’m a lucky little gypsy!

day 24 everyday adventures



Day 25. ‘Clean.’

Cleaning up the voluminous house before I move again. I’ll miss the ocd-clean space, but not the dulcet tones of the pool filter or the automatic watering system. Or the too-close-neighbours. The strange constructed-ness of a purpose-built suburb. No organically-merging housing styles or corner shops. Weird fish-bowl, Truman Show life.

day 25 clean



Day 26. ‘Shape.’

Is this the shape of things to come? Is this the calibre of man that I’m now allowing into my life? These handsome, gentle men who are respectful, kind, generous and funny. Talented, humble and affectionate. I am somewhat unused to this turn-around in masculine fortunes. But I like it!

day 26 shape Image Between Two Points by Zymosis

Image: Between Two Points by Zymosis.



Day 27. ‘Bubbles.’

Bubbles of love in the air. Breathing them in like oxygen. Hang on, oxygen is love. The love of the trees (and the phytoplankton), in a deep symbiotic relationship with humans, is air. Without them, we’d die within minutes. This is Gaia. We give them carbon dioxide. This is symbiosis.

day 27 bubbles



Day 28. ‘Trash.’

Throw the old philosophy in the ‘trash’. (Well, we mean the ‘rubbish bin’. And we mean ‘most of it’.) Some is still valid; all you’ve learned isn’t lost. But it’s time to ‘up the ante’ on the consideration that most of what you’ve been taught is incorrect. Deep beliefs changing.

day 28 trash Image Elisa Riva



Day 29. ‘Dessert.’

Too many desserts and too-tight pants. The old cause and effect two-step. They say that what women really want isn’t a man for the rest of their lives, but to be able to eat what they want without gaining weight. (No disrespect to men, but desserts are pretty damn good!).

day 29 dessert



Day 30. ‘Selfie.’

Taking a self-portrait has become a tiny thing. A small amount of time. A click. A stick. But self-portraits used to be the domain of the artist. Usually needing a mirror and a few hours, days or at least minutes. A self-reflection. A moment in time. Not just a snapshot.

Day 30 Selfie Painting Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940 by Frida Kahlo

Painting: Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940 by Frida Kahlo.


A 50 word story a day – August 2017

August 2017 pic Morning Coffee and Internet by Leon Zernitsky

Image: Morning Coffee and Internet by Leon Zernitsky.


Day 1. ‘A’

‘A pot of tea, please,’ she said to the young lady at the counter. She took a table in the corner of the small café. It smelled like cinnamon buns and had a small fire against the mid-winter chill. She watched the people come and go, waiting for her friend.

Day 2. ‘B’

“Bugger, running late, sorry,’ said the text. She messaged back and relaxed. No rushing today. Today was a day for slow conversations and even slower pots of tea. She pulled her book out of her bag and glanced at the page she was reading. Her mind waltzed as she read.

Day 3. ‘C’

‘Couldn’t help notice your book’, the man said as he waited for his tea. She glanced up and smiled. He was handsome and looked kind. ‘It’s an interesting one, that’s for sure.’ He gestured at the spare chair and she nodded. ‘So do you believe in all of that stuff?’

Day 4. ‘D’

‘Don’t you?’ she said, waiting to see if he was baiting her or genuinely interested in her opinion. She’d seen too many ploys to be fooled by a pretty face. She closed her book and placed it on the table between them. Throwing down the intellectual gauntlet. ‘Sure,’ he smiled.

Day 5. ‘E’

‘Except for that guff about your mind controlling your body, of course,’ he said, nodding to the waiter bearing his tea. She sighed inwardly, disappointed at his uneducated surety. She sipped her tea and pointed at the book. ‘But that’s exactly what this is about. Haven’t you heard of epigenetics?’

Day 6. ‘F’

‘For sure,’ he said, pouring Earl Grey from the purple teapot. ‘But I don’t think that it’s really real, you know? I’d take the medicine if I were sick. Wouldn’t you?’ He drank, watching her reaction. He was teasing her, just a little. ‘It’d depend on the medicine,’ she said.

Day 7. ‘G’

‘Good answer,’ he smiled. This is turning out to be an interesting morning, he thought. She drank slowly and watched his face. Felt his energy. So used to arse-holes in disguise, she was careful of her knowledge. ‘Yes; and to a fairly good question,’ she said. ‘Only fairly?’ he laughed.

Day 8. ‘H’

Her phone beeped another ‘still-running-late’ message. She smiled at the delay of her friend and her discovery of a new one. ‘What would it take to change your mind about our ability to change our minds? There are many studies that show it’s true. This book is full of them.’

Day 9. ‘I’

‘I don’t know,’ he said, looking reflective. ‘Personal experience?’ ‘Good answer,’ she said, smirking. They talked for a while about how to integrate epigenetic knowledge into their lives. Designing little ‘life hack’ experiments while the small café hummed with life around them. ‘Do you know much about astrology?’ she asked.

Day 10. ‘J’

‘Just what you read online,’ he said. ‘I hear there’s some pretty big stuff going on at the moment. Rare eclipses and things.’ He poured more tea and offered her some, realising he didn’t know her name. ‘It’s affecting my sleep, I think.’ ‘Me too! I’ve been knackered all week.’

Day 11. ‘K’

‘Know what else I think?’ she said, matter-of-factly. ‘I reckon there’s been some big energy shifts lately, and that’s what causing it.’ ‘For sure,’ he laughed, saying he felt like he was in ‘The Celestine Prophecy’. ‘Or the ‘Twilight Zone’!’ she giggled. ‘Where all the rules of life suddenly change.’

Day 12. ‘L’

‘Like the goalposts have moved,’ he said. ‘Yet again!’ she said. ‘Cheers to keeping up with the bandwidth of good juju!’ he smiled, raising his cup. They laughed as they clinked tea cups. The warmth of the café filling them up. Just then, her friend appeared, smiling, at the door.

Day 13. ‘M’

‘Molly!’ she called, waving. Molly grinned and waved back. ‘Talk about perfect timing,’ she said, realising she didn’t know his name. ‘Jack’, he laughed, shaking her hand. ‘Molly.’ ‘I guessed,’ he said, smiling warmly at Molly’s friend as she approached. The café had emptied a little and seemed different, somehow.

Day 14. ‘N’

‘Nice to see you!’ Bria said, talking her seat and waving to the waiter. Bria wasn’t shy. ‘Who’s your new friend, Moll?’ ‘You too, luv,’ Molly said. ‘This is Jack.’ Bria ordered tea while Molly caught her up on the conversation. ‘Fuck yeah! It’s been a doozy of a week!’

Day 15. ‘O’

‘One giant wave of evolution. Here you go! Handle this one, peeps!’ Bria laughed, brushing water from her coat. ‘You asked for it!’ Molly said. ‘You want to go faster? Okay, here’s faster!’ They all laughed together, understanding the importance of this conversation. Of keeping in touch with the tribe.

Day 16. ‘P’

People glanced at them in the café, but the trio didn’t notice. Molly wiped a small tear from her eye. Bria nudged her gently and put an arm around her. Jack reached for her hand across the table. ‘Just grateful, really,’ Molly said, smiling sheepishly and accepting her friends’ love.

Day 17. ‘Q’

‘Quite understandable, sweetheart,’ Molly’s old friend Bria said. ‘The whole thing’s been a bit of a wild ride since 2012. Everything’s changed. Even the quantum physicists are scrambling to catch up! And you know when those kats are on the run, then shit’s getting real!’ Molly smiled. ‘That’s so true!’

Day 18. ‘R’

‘Reckon we’re going to smash ourselves into smithereens in the process, though?’ Jack asked. He toyed with his empty cup. ‘Nah,’ said Molly and Bria together. ‘We’re too wise for that now,’ Molly said. ‘Too much has changed. The old energy is just trying to adhere to the old prophecies.’

Day 19. ‘S’

‘Since they can remember, they’ve been taught about fire and brimstone. They don’t realise that things’ve shifted so much that that’s simply not going to happen anymore,’ Bria agreed. ‘But what about the nuclear threat? That seems real,’ said Jack. ‘Yes, but look at the outpouring of compassion,’ said Molly.

Day 20. ‘T’

‘This is the first time in human history that pretty much the whole planet wants peace,’ Molly continued. ‘And Gaia responds to what we want.’ She smiled and drank the last of her tea. Jack made his apologies and left, promising to keep in touch. ‘An illuminating conversation,’ Bria smiled.

Day 21. ‘U’

‘Understanding what’s going on is half the battle,’ Bria said, refilling their cups. ‘True,’ Molly agreed. ‘Even with all the downsides of having this level of awareness, I’m still glad that I know that there’s a metaphorical ‘wave’. Or a surfboard. Or wax!’ The friends laughed in the small café.

Day 22. ‘V’

‘Very true!’ Bria said. ‘But I do feel compassion for those people who are unaware. They’re still caught up in these shifts, yet have no idea what’s going on. They just think they’re having a bad week, or pick a fight with their partner, or make themselves sick, or whatever.’

Day 23. ‘W’

‘We’re lucky,’ said Molly, signalling for the menu. ‘But I don’t know if lucky’s the right word. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get this far. A lot of soul-searching and stripping-back of the layers of perceptions. Unlearning. Then re-learning the real rules of the Universe.’ Bria nodded.

Day 24. ‘X’

‘Exactly, my friend!’ said Bria, smiling at the waiter. ‘It is the work of ages.’ ‘And we chose this, can you believe it?’ said Molly, glancing at the menu. ‘We actually chose to come to Earth in the middle of all this dark-arse bullshit! What were we thinking?’ she laughed.

Day 25. ‘Y’

‘You were probably drunk on some weird intergalactic wine!’ chuckled Bria. ‘Me?’ said Molly taking a menu. ‘What about you?’ She smiled at her friend across the small table, suddenly very grateful that she had people in her life that ‘got it’. That deeply understood the quirky machinations of the Universe.

Day 26. ‘Z’

‘Zucchini fritter please,’ Bria said to the waiter. Molly decided on a bagel while she contemplated all that’d happened this morning. The confluence of events that allowed her, Bria and Jack to be in the same place at the same time. The similar happenstances that had threaded through her life.

Day 27. ‘1’

‘One thing I don’t get,’ Molly said to Bria as their food arrived. ‘Is that they say the speed of the shift is up to us, but things seem to happen very slowly.’ Bria poured chilli sauce onto her fritter and smiled at her friend. ‘Ah, that old dog, patience.’

Day 28. ‘2’

‘Two dogs, I reckon!’ Molly laughed. ‘Or just one big one! Like Clifford The Big Red Dog. Remember the story from when we were kids? That’s patience! A giant red dog!’ Molly snorted at her own joke. Bria looked confused but continued. ‘Anyhoo, that’s part of the mastery around these times, they say.’

Day 29. ‘3’

‘Three years into the precession and we’re still waiting for peeps to get on board?’ Molly often got annoyed with the speed of change in human consciousness. ‘Five, darling,’ Bria reminded her gently. ‘Five years! That’s even worse! And we’re still killing each other like recalcitrant ants at a picnic.’

Day 30. ‘4’

‘Four years ago, we had just stared to turn the page, remember?’ Bria offered some fritter to Molly. ‘We have to have patience. Otherwise we’d be like those pushy sports parents that constantly yell at their kids from the sidelines. Do better! Go faster!’ Molly sighed at her friend’s wisdom.

Day 31. A 50 word story a day – ‘5’

‘Five bucks says we’re out of the darkest bit by 2030,’ said Bria. Molly laughed. ‘Yeah, okay. Eighteen years in; eighteen years out. By then we’ll be halfway across the very centre of the Galaxy and should’ve got our shit figured out by then.’ ‘You’d fucken hope so,’ said Bria.